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Bon Chance Limited provide you with the chance to win amazing prizes at an affordable price* by entering one of our prize draws. 20% of the profits we make from you entering our draws are donated to small charities, the rest will go towards paying our hardworking team and ensuring that we can always bring you new prizes.

*Remember you can always enter for free – for more information click here.

By choosing Bon Chance not only can you win great prizes when you enter our prize draws but you will also be supporting those who really need our help – the more we grow, the more people we can help.

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Did you know that 89% of all donations in the UK go to the top 1000 charities?

Our selected charities often support less well known, but still very worthy causes.

As our company expands and our loyal customers keep winning, this will help us on our road to increasing the percentage donated to charities.

Take a look at our Charity page to find out who we have helped so far.

If you know of any small charities that could use our help, please send an email to: enquiries@bonchance.co.uk

Steps to Hope

Find out about our current charity:
Steps to Hope


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