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Their Story

Gaucho first opened in London in 1994, taking inspiration from Argentina with a vision of bringing the world’s best steak to London.

After witnessing first hand the gaucho way of life, spending time exploring the pampas region at the foothills of the dramatic, mineral rich mountain ranges, visiting working farms and high altitude vineyards, our original founder had a strong desire to bring some influence from these travels to London, along with the worlds finest steak.

In 1994, his dreams became a reality when the first Gaucho restaurant opened in London in an area that was considered to be ‘off the beaten track’ on Swallow Street. Incredibly, this same site (but now the entire building) is now home to our flagship restaurant, Piccadilly. The modest basement restaurant quickly became known for offering world class, traditional Argentine beef and an unusual Latin wine list in a casual setting – a first for London.

Our collection of restaurants in the UK has grown to twelve in London and four regional sites in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh. Our restaurants continue to serve some of the finest beef in the world, now complemented by a broader food and wine offering in a contemporary setting, inspired by Modern Argentina and all of its global influences. 

An evolution in design is being introduced to showcase a more contemporary design, reflecting the modern Gaucho and a more modern Argentina.

Arguably the best quality steak in the world, our beef comes from Argentinian, premium Black-Angus cattle bred at hand selected farms, reared by our partners who we have worked with for many years.
Grazing on seventeen different types of grass from the Pampas provinces – with everything they eat being 100% natural – our cows enjoy a lush, free-range lifestyle in an area famed for its fertile soil.
Ever evolving, both our food and wine are authentic and diverse (the largest selection of Argentinian wines outside of the country, as well as the recent addition of some of the finest global wines the world has to offer) and our service, second to none.
We create experiences beyond dining, with a unique and educated style. The affordable side of impressive.
The restaurants which make up our collection each celebrate their uniqueness, allowing for their own individuality depending on location and the surrounding neighbourhood.
From our flagship restaurant in Piccadilly; the former home of a Spanish ambassador, to our riverside, boathouse inspired restaurant in Richmond and the striking Manchester restaurant (set inside an old Methodist church) – we offer an escape from the every day chain restaurant.


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