Azuma Portable Pizza Oven

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Outdoor ovens are the new way to cook outside!

Add some flair and a taste of Italy to your alfresco dining with this wood pellet portable pizza oven.
This Pizza Oven by Azuma features a 13″ pizza stone and is perfect for cooking pizza outdoors.
You can also use it to smoke meats, fish or vegetables, it has a thermometer on the chimney and foldable legs to raise it off your cooking surface.



Cooks pizzas up to 13″ diameter
Stainless steel body, chimney and legs
Uses wood logs, wood pellets or charcoal as fuel
Dual scale thermometer on the chimney
Easy to use, removable firebox
Folding stainless steel legs
Square pizza stone included
Comes with a handy scoop for fuel
Max cooking temperature: 350°C
For outdoor use only


Overall size: W41 x H71 x D82cm (including handles and legs)
Weight: 12.5kg
Pizza stone: W33 x H0.8 x D33cm
Chimney: W7 x H43 x D7cm
Body material: 10mm stainless steel
Oven door material: 15mm stainless steel


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