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If you’re searching for the ultimate coffee machine and pod kit, then look no further. In honour of our brand new coffee pod machine, the Podster, we’re offering an exclusive collection. Alongside the Podster itself, you’ll get a handy Podcycler and 180 coffee pods. For those who enjoy an array of coffee blends, the Tasting Selection is the perfect way to explore the Rabot Estate range.

Following the success of our hot chocolate maker, the Velvetiser, we wanted to turn our attention to coffee. We teamed up once more with Dualit to create the Podster. This innovative coffee pod machine provides delicious, satisfying results every time. And what better way to enjoy the Podster than by trying all five of our sustainably sourced coffee blends?

This generous bundle includes three of our Tasting Selection packs so you can change up your coffee depending on your mood. Perhaps you’re looking for something mellow and soothing, like our Cashmere blend. Or maybe you need something a bit punchier. Why not try our turbo-boosting Rocket blend or bright and fruity Oh, Hello?

And if you’re looking for the ultimate everyday cuppa, we can guarantee The One will hit the spot. This blend is so timeless we’ve recreated it in decaf form for those moments when you fancy the flavour without the caffeine.

Get the most out of each perfectly portioned coffee pod with the Podster. Simply place the pod in the chamber, press the button and let the machine work its magic. After you’ve enjoyed your barista-grade beverage, you can use the Podcycler. This gadget makes cleaning, crushing and stacking used pods straightforward and fuss-free. Sprinkle the used grounds on your garden and add the aluminium pods to your household recycling.

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